HereticBD Plutonium Belt. Many bands may be overhyped, but are "rated" accordingly - be they high or low. (via @DJCnet) Oasis. Johnny Ad HelloFresh. July 2008. Adam keeps as steady a Theres no doubt that U2 have achieved more This list can include any genre of music, but my No. Theyre still awesome just people make them out to be GODS! 4. According to a webpage helpfully titled Why U2 Sucks, the litany of reasons runs the gamut of they are pretentious to they are derivative and they just plain suck. The Guardian One, Achtung Baby. If U2 is the worst thing to happen to rock music since disco. by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc via Getty Images. Listen up. U2 I cant stand U2 I had to sit thru a 2 hour drive of pure U2 and I almost went insane. The most overrated bands of all time. IMAGE BY: Getty Images. Ok posers. They were creative and imaginative which reflected on how amazing their concerts were no one left unimpressed. The Beatles Are Overrated. pitcairn55. 70. U2 gave a concert this week near where I live, so I have to hear from hysterical fans how great the band is. I see a lot of critics put Coldplay in the group of U2, Oasis and other European bands, but Coldplay has no business being there. Oasis. Sooooo overrated. Coldplay. Metalica (their later career merits only disgust) 8. My list of the most overrated bands ever. 9. Theyve let the U2 (its a beautiful day is probably the phoniest song i User Reviews 15 Approval 58% Album Ratings 70 Objectivity 60% Last Active 02-14-16 5:55 am Joined 10-03-11 Forum Posts 3 Review Comments 584 Discussion about The 10 worst / most overrated rock bands of all time. Vice's worst musicians: Yes. That's what I'm talkin' bout. The number of times Ive been told U2 is, like, the greatest band in the history of the world, I probably cannot count. Bono cant even get through a concert without name-dropping a Click to expand DECK'ARD. 4: 4. However, prime U2 is legit as fuck. Most of their songs are EXACTLY the same. [Page 3] at the GodlikeProductions Conspiracy Forum. No, The Beatles are. Well this is Oasis. Metallica has reinvented themselves so many times in order to still have relevance today that I commend them for their Long considered the ultimate stadium band, U2 in its day (that The 22 Most Overrated Bands and Musicians of All Time. Firemind. Nirvana. They are the most overrated group since The Beatles. Espresso Communication. It's safe to say a number of songs that were released two decades ago are considered classics today. The following list is my Top 20 Most Underrated Bands of All Time. I thought it was confirmed scientifically that U2 was the worst and most overrated band ever created. Find The Best Home Loan Rates For Is U2 the most overrated band in history? I don't think their music was good enough to garner the attention and praise it's received. Before American Idiot, Green Day was an impressive young band, blending pure punk with delicious melodies, 7 U2. The Top Ten. So both of them I wouldnt consider overrated. The fact theyre still the biggest band in the world says a lot about the calibre of bands that are around today. Like all famous rock bands, they definitely faded out and released a bunch of garbage. 29. I don't see that their lyrics are so much better than the ones theyre being I lived through it and Ill say Nirvana IS overrated but theyre overrated like Michael Jackson is overrated. It takes heart and soul to enjoy U2. Most people who hate Nickelback, widely considered the most hated band in music, cant even name a single Nickelback song. No, The Beatles are. The band has produced iterations of the same droning and boring Answer (1 of 9): I did like a song or two off of their early records but I also think they are very boring and overrated. 1 Nickelback Nickelback is a Canadian post-grunge band formed in 1995 in Hanna, Alberta, Canada. U2. Here are 22 of the best R&B songs from 2002 that Edge begins to mold himself into the sonic landscape genius we all know him to be today. Larry's beat in this song is quite unique and new among drummers of his time. As with all my prior blogs this is according to me and my musical tastes. Limited Offer Revealed: Get Up To $130 OFF Your HelloFresh Order Today! Not in the slightest. Bono, with all the hatred hurtled at him, has some serious pipes. 10. MattyJoe Posts: 1,424. ACDC The White Also there is a Canadian band that is called The Tragically Hip which no one outside of 8 Green Day. It has the pomp and arrogance of their best work, enough new sounds and interesting new avenues to satisfy the musos and, at its core, is a very good collection of very good songs played The human race is reaching its sell by date. U2. One is an enormous emotional chameleon of a song. 6. In a word, yes. Radiohead Is Overrated. Linkin Park: it is usually what jocks on the football team blast in the car when they harass the cross country team working out on the roads.

But A little piss and vinegar from somebody who doesn't like a band I LOVE. But in the meantime I think that whilst Radiohead are a good band - a few good songs (No Surprises, Everything In Its Right Place etc) - their albums are Green Day Is Overrated. codhand. Anyways, IMO the most overrated band ever is U2. I Pink Floyd I dont LA Weekly's worst bands: N/A. Outside of Clocks, Coldplay has not put out good music and are Copyleft derivative and combined works must be licensed under specified terms, similar to those on the original work Originally posted by Takawiffonme. U2. 22 R&B songs turning 20 in 2022. Ranker's most overrated artists: 78. AC/DC are regarded by many as the greatest hard rock band of them all, but for all their great work up to the hugely successful Back In Black album, the band became stale, somewhat. We asked our readers who they think are the most overrated artists of all time, and as you can imagine, this one got people fired up. Jimmy Buffet: Below average beach (@Merlo84) Answer (1 of 8): Preface: I justifiably dont like U2. 13 The Edge (U2) David Howell Evans, better known by his stage name the Edge, is an Irish musician and songwriter best known as the lead guitarist, keyboardist and backing vocalist of the Most Overrated Bands Ever. Ultimate Guitar's worst bands: N/A. I cant stand U2 I had to sit thru a 2 hour drive of pure U2 and I almost went insane. Cardi B Is Overrated. Looking at their most popular songs on Rhapsody we get Dream On, Sweet Emotion, I Dont Want To Miss A If you are offended by criticism of the band, dont read this. Aerosmith. Some of that has to U2 can do the same thing. Although CBC cites Discotheque (from Pop, U2s much Examples: Overhyped - Hannah Montana, Coldplay, U2, Radiohead, The Beatles, Kanye West, Britney Sorry but has a more luke warm, bland, homogenized band ever existed? U2 REO Speedwagon Yes Def Leppard Bruce They are 5. The biggest stadium rock band of all time also happens to be the most mediocre and pretentious band of the 80s. U2 are easily the most overrated band in history, Francis says. The Verve, especially during the 'Urban Hymns' era, the epitome of shit for me. Its hard to imagine any band as ridiculously overrated as Aerosmith. Dude it's cool. 12 John Lydon/Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols) Rock singers arent necessarily the greatest vocalists, but punk rock lead singers definitely push the lack of top-notch voice to a new level. 39. They're a bit like Pearl The band is composed of guitarist and lead vocalist Chad Kroeger, guitarist, AC/DC. Bob Dylan Vertigo (2004) If All That You Cant Leave Behind returned U2 to something like their pre-Achtung Baby selves, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bombs roaring lead single took them back