Squeeze your glutes to stabilize your hips and core. 20 Min DUMBBELL HOME FULL BODY HIIT WORKOUT. Hold the dumbbells in both the hands and place them on the side, parallel to The Ultimate Full-Body Dumbbell Workout. Bicep curl. Dumbbell Surrenders 7. This completes one rep. Jump back with both feet, landing in a high plank position. Update on: 2022-05-19. Full body, high intensity, no repeat dumbbell HIIT workout with weights using lighter dumbbells only 15 minutes! Takeaways. Advanced. HIIT workouts actually help your body burn more calories after your workouts than steady-state workouts. Stand on one leg and lift the other leg off the floor slightly. Extend your arms for balance.Keep your weight centered and your head up and lower to a squat position. You can squat onto a chair or bench to make it easier. Slowly rise back up to standing. Complete 20 total reps swapping your lead leg after 10. Hold a dumbbell in each hand with your arms resting along the sides of your legs, palms facing in. Calories Likely to be Burn: 150 to 200. This 4 part routine includes a warm up, HIIT home workout with dumbbells, intense abs routine, and a cool down. 0:00. To perform this workout you will need two dumbbells of equal weight. You Might Also Like: 35:49. 1. Lunge pass through is a one leg lunge and pass the dumbbell under the leading leg to the opposite hand. Day 4 Push. Lower your body until your thighs are at least parallel to the floor [A]. But when combined with a HIIT workout, they can significantly improve body strength and fitness. Bring the dumbbell up to your shoulder and then press to overhead. Dumbbell Complex. Share With a Friend: Coach Anthony takes you through this explosive HIIT workout that features a warm up, workout, and cool down! 3. Perform up to 10 rounds of 15 sec. Stand tall with your chest up and core braced, holding a dumbbell in each hand at shoulder height with palms facing forwards. A. Squat down, knees to chest with dumbbells in each hand on the floor. Today we'll be performing a full body workout using DUMBBELLS! Ready. 0:45 Sumo Squat to Press. Bent Over Row Push ups. Youll perform as many reps as possible in 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. This is a super efficient and challenging workout.

Warm Up. According to your fitness goal, you can include several exercises in a HIIT routine. 0:15 Rest. Squat Press Burpee (0:29) 2. Triceps extensions behind the head. Workout Details.

Bodyweight Banger. App uploaded by: Emerson Garcia. 50 Minute Strength and Conditioning Workout | IGNITE Day 22. 1c. Dumbbell Step-up Stationary bike. Equipment needed: One or two sets of dumbbells (five to 25 pounds). (If you don't have dumbbells, not to worry! Day 1 Pull. Thrusters are done by holding both dumbbells at shoulder level. Hinge forward at your waist and pull your abs in.

Hinge Row Lunge (0:48) 3. Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart. Shift your weight to your left foot. Land softly on your right foot, crossing your left foot behind you as you lower your body until your right thigh is parallel to the floor.Pause, and then repeat the movement to your left, pushing off with your right foot and landing softly on your left foot.More items Rest 1 minute between rounds. Jan. 31, 202000:11. This superset workout is a fan favorite because: Its 8 dumbbell HIIT exercises in a quick and effective full body dumbbell HIIT workout. 20-minute Dumbbell HIIT Workout Plan For Beginners.

Select a pair of weights between 3-8lb. B. Day 2 Legs and Abs. Dumbbell Squats 4. High intensity, full body workout 30 minutes! 19 Dumbbell HIIT Exercises 1. This is another reason they can be so short yet still effective. Download Dumbbell Workout, HIIT, Cardio old versions Android APK or update to Dumbbell Workout, HIIT, Cardio latest version. Dumbbell Burpee and Curl. . Single arm swing is just like it sounds. How to: Start standing with feet hip-width apart, holdings dumbbells at sides. lower your back knee down towards the floor, touch it if you want very lightly. Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided Warning: This 30 minute HIIT at Home may cause excessive perspiration and calories burned. *Take two rest days and start DAY 1 of the following week on Upper Body 2, working your way through the second variations of the dumbbell at Multi-Planar Lunge One Leg Good Morning Faux Jump Rope Advanced Dumbbell HIIT Workout One Arm Ovhd Reverse Lunge Bear Plank Push Up + Walkout + Push Up One Arm Ballistic Row Lateral Broad Jumps March in Place Alternating Hollow Body Dumbbell Press Hollow Body Elbow to Knee Hollow Body Rockers One Arm Squat Thrust + Straddle Lunge 4. 0:15 Rest. For men of average fitness we would recommend a dumbbell weight of 8-10kg and 4-5kg dumbbells for ladies of average fitness. So there is no rack or bench, no bands, and no Perform 3 rounds. This particular Tabata combines bodyweight with dumbbell exercises in intervals with very little rest, so prepare to chase your breath during this effective workout. Advanced. And then repeat this circle of exercises for the desired number of times. The full body workout only requires a pair of dumbbells and includes modifications to make it easier to customize the [] 0:00 / 23:07 . This HIIT dumbbell workout plan is suitable for beginners and helps them develop endurance, strength and build muscles over time. 22:07. Push back up and as you reach your start position push your dumbbells up and above your head with fully extended arms (avoid hyperextending). Grip And Handle. The dumbbell exercise is also based on grip and handling. Shape. The shape of dumbbells is the most important thing to consider when buying them. Fixed Or Adjustable. These dumbbells can be used for more than just lifting weights. Space Availability. Space availability is another important consideration. Size. Material. Budget. Weight Range. Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided This workout is not for the faint of heart! Advanced. 19:30. Dumbbell High Knees 10.

Start standing with your feet hip-distance apart. Then exhale as you use your core to drive the dumbbell crossbody and overhead, extending both arms up overhead towards the left side. 10 sets, 15 sec (rest 1 min. ) Get a full body workout including warm up and cool down in a flash with this 20 minute dumbbell HIIT workout! Live. Dumbbell HIIT. For instance, you can make a circuit of 5 exercises like; squatting, pushups, pullups, running, and jumping ropes. 19 m YOUR RATING Rate Documentary Short Sport This high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout combines dumbbell exercises with a cardio burst in between each set, and is a nonstop high-intensity interval training that'll rock your body. Dumbbell Push Press 8. Lucky 7s. Review Dumbbell Workout, HIIT, Cardio release date, changelog and more.

Step back with right leg and bend both knees to lower down until legs are bent at 90-degree angles. Lower the dumbbell with control back towards your right hip. Grab your dumbbells, a mat and lets go!!!

Day 3 Rest.

Racked Dumbbell Front Squat This exercise can perfectly emulate the stress of a barbell front squat without the wrist and forearm strain.

Dumbbell Jump Squats 5. Set.

Alternately, perform the same protocol using a different cardio exercise of your choice. Perform one push-up. Read More: HIIT Workout Gear Essentials . See for yourself with this 17-minute, full-body workout from Farouk Houssein, an instructor at The Fhitting Room in New York City. 0:45 Weighted Burpees -. Advanced. Try these four HIIT workouts to sneak in effective workouts between jobs, on vacation, first thing in the morning or after a long commute home. Dumbbell Thruster 11. Perfect for all fitness levels, and great for home or the gym. A quick list of weighted HIIT workouts: 1. intervals. Directions: Complete each exercise below for 45 seconds, followed by a 15-second rest. DAY 5: HIIT 1. It features a blend of dumbbell and bodyweight movements and youll get tons of upper body, lower body and core work in! 1 set, 10 The Tabata style routine utilizes 4 rounds of each exercise. Single-Dumbbell Halo. 4. HIIT workouts, or high-intensity interval training, are an effective way to exercise at home.Instead of requiring equipment, HIIT workouts focus entirely on bodyweight exercises.This expert-designed HIIT workout is perfect for beginners and includes squats, burpees, and more.Visit Insider's Health Reference library for more advice. Do each exercise for 10 reps, resting 20 seconds between exercises. Reach your torso 0:00. Dumbbell Swing. Continue pedaling at low intensity during your rest periods.

Renegade Row To Squat (1:13) 4. Start standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. HomeGym Apr 03, October 19, 2021. Instructions: Step 1: Stand straight with your feet positioned shoulder-width apart. No jumping, low impact, no repeat, dumbbell full body fun!! *You also can view this 30-Minute Full Body Dumbbell HIIT Workout on Youtube.

Hold a dumbbell by the ends, just below your chin, and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Complete the circuit, 45 seconds of each exercise with 15 seconds of rest between. Dumbbells are widely used for strength training. You only need 30 minutes to work every major muscle group in your body with this dumbbell HIIT workout. Add These 19 Dumbbell Exercises To Your Routine! Lets do this! Day 6 Rest. 3.8. 37:32. While holding only one dumbbell do a swing with that arm. 0:45 Back Lunges. as a cool-down. Walking Lunge & Press. Keep forearms parallel to the floor and loaded during rest periods while opposite person or group is taking their turn. Workout 1: Dumbbell and Barbell Gym Workout. Press the weights directly overhead so your arms are straight, then return slowly to the start. Rest 2-3 minutes between complexes. While youre there, SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel to get all the newest workouts! Browse Library. Double Dumbbells. Keep in mind that this workout is based only on using one pair of dumbbells and your bodyweight.

0:15 Rest. Hello everyone! Keep arms up and back in position during the rest periods while the opposite person or group is taking their turn. 20-Minute Dumbbell HIIT. The total body workout only requires a pair of dumbbells and includes modifications to make it easier to customize the routine for your fitness level. Day 7 Rest. Director Mo Shab Writer Gymra Shab Star Julia Bognar Home What's New 20 Min DUMBBELL HOME FULL BODY HIIT WORKOUT. DB Press-Up Renegade Row Why: This is a demanding exercise so you do it while youre fresh. Day 5 Full-Body. I did each superset three times before moving to the next and it took me about 30 minutesI was hustling and I am sore today! C. Perform a hammer curl with palms facing in toward body. Before you get going on the complexes, grab a 10- to 12-pound dumbbell and complete the warm up. JOIN THE TEAM TODAY! Lunge to Kickback (1:42) 5. Dumbbell Snatch. Hold one dumbbell horizontally between your hands at your right hip. Dumbbell Man Makers 9. First, on the list, were gonna be combining 2 of the above exercises Holding a set of dumbbells on top of your shoulders while dropping down into a full squat also gives all of your supporting core muscles a fantastic workout. Dumbbell Swings 12. Here is a fantastic dumbbell HIIT workout to hit every muscle in your body.

Jump feet forward landing wide outside both hands, then stand. Perform at a brisk but sustainable pace for 5 min. Dumbbell Jumping Jacks 2. If youre a beginner, you can incorporate this 20-minute high-intensity dumbbell exercise plan into your daily schedule. ; Its completed in a 40-30 There are nine two-movement supersets. Dumbbell Burpees 3. DAY 4: Total Body 1. Remember to challenge yourself as much a possible. Jump to 8 Dumbbell HIIT Exercises. Total-Body Dumbbell Workout. Goblet Squat Stand with feet hip-width apart, toes pointing slightly out, and hold one heavier Dumbbell crunches 6. Think right hip to left shoulder. 3.7. Warm Up Opposite Toe Join me for an awesome, 20 exercise, 20 minute dumbbell HIIT workout.