SCOOTER HOCKEY STICKS. Scooter Hockey Rules and Activities: 1. I then set up 4 activity stations (basketball, tumbling mats, balls & paddles, hula hoops). (Three girls/three boys for offense and three girls/three boys for defense) 3. Sit on scooters, linked by elbows, in a line. Tough plastic Shield hockey blades are combined with our patented hand shield to protect hands from errant pucks, balls, and other scooter boards. A floor hockey game played on scooter boards or on the floor using 11" sticks with vinyl hand grips. Recreational Games; Scooter Hockey; Softball ; Tennis; Ultimate Frisbee; Volleyball; Weight Training ; Wiffleball; New Egypt High School; Click Below For The Study Guide . Tell the child to sit on the scooter, pretending to be a spider. Elementary Size #800. with #899 replacement blade. I have started calling it scooter dodge-ball which makes them like it even more! Scooter Hockey. 3. On the count of three, the Set up bowling pins on each end of the gym. Email: Email: $178.99 set. Sort: Show: 2 Item(s) Company . Calm and organize the nervous system. Create entertaining relays as students race across the floor on scooters using only floor-friendly paddles and poles. Our activities combine your own scooters with handheld equipment for an increased challenge. Use cones to indicate two lines: a stop-pushing line 30 feet away from the start; and a release line 15 feet farther on. 2.

Wrap yarn around the legs of the chairs, zigzagging back and forth between the chairs to create a spider web. Allow children to have fun without realizing they are performing core muscle strength exercises. See more ideas about physical education, physical education games, pe games. If you have scooter connectors these work great to hook the scooters together. Phone: 1-800-225-7749. B. Case Pack: 6 blue or 6 red. Add to This is an awesome PE game that you can use as an instant activity or as the main activity for the day. Students must remain seated on the scooters at all times. Mailing Address: 5101 advantage Dr. toledo, ohio 43612. After the ring has been passed 3 times to the teams sideline players, that team can shoot to score. Shop Clearance . Students are to flip over their Teachers can also add a challenging new element to classic games like hockey or lacrosse by incorporating scooters. Pair the students and have each pair stand by a cone. Try scooter hockey, scooter soccer, scooter rimball, scooter volleyball. Below are 6 scooter games that will engage and excite your students! See What's New . 2. Includes 12 sticks (6 red, 6 yellow), 2 pucks, and a 7 foam ball. Students use hockey sticks to strike pucks into a goal, between two cones, or into another target (e.g., bowling pins). Have a seat (or take a knee), hold onto those side handles, and get to scootin! Jellyfish Tag Scooter Game. Each station had a ticket value (2-4 tickets) and was labeled with a sign. They will be told that they will be able to use them and play a modified game of Scooter Hockey if they complete their skill work and follow the safety rules. Place some tumbling mats behind the pins to act as crash pads. Ten or more students on scooters linked by elbows and back to back. They use white rolled up socks as snowballs to throw at a variety of targets that are on the floor or on the wall . 0. Plastic Scooter Board Hockey. Standard #:1-Students demonstrate competent skills in a variety of physical activities and sports. Important Update 1ST INDIA SKATE ROLLER GAMES 2022; Archives. Item #: C0749. Divide class into two teams and divide each team into a girl line and a boy line. Work on coordination, motor skills, and balance while racing, rolling, and gliding around a room on Scooter Boards. Use scooters as a tool for demonstrating the different directions that result from using a pushing/pulling motion to move the scooter. Item #: 1593382. Scooter board activities help calm and organize the nervous system, which can help lower feelings of stress and anxiety, reduce aggressive behaviors, and improve self-regulation. The Champion Sports Scooter Hockey Set is a great addition to any gym class or recreational sports facility. How to Play: One student lies on his/her belly on the scooter board. The second player is the driver and holds both feet of the scooter board player (hippo). Starting at: $11.52. 24 Color My Class Foam Scooter Paddles ; 12 Plastic Scooter Hockey Sticks ; 2 Foam Hockey Balls (6") 6 Plastic Hockey Pucks ; 24 Fun-Air Scoop Ball Scoops + 12 Balls ; 24 Cones (12"H) 4 Folding PVC Goals (44"H x 54"W x 24"D) 1 Gym Scooter Fun & Games Book ; 1 PVC Scooter Cart; Additional Information. Apr 10, 2022 - Explore Shanna Mayberry's board "scooter games" on Pinterest. | Hockey Dribble - Using a hockey or pillo polo stick each student dribbles a beanbag or wiffle ball around the cone on the other side of the gym and back. Scooter Activities Many of the activities we do indoors may also be played on scooters. Improve body awareness. June 2022; May 2022; April 2022; March 2022; February 2022; January 2022; December 2021; Read more. These durable scooter hockey sticks are designed to be lightweight and durable enough to withstand hard shots from players. Learn more.

Students take turns dribbling their. Become a Select Customer . Scooter Hockey: Students are split into two teams and play scooter hockey, or they can improvise their own safe game if there are not enough students present. Hockey. A great addition to all scooter hockey games. Divide your class into teams and give each team a scooter and playground ball. Soft, coated foam blades on 6 vinyl handles makes this scooter hockey set our safest and best set. 117 Evergreen Road New Egypt, NJ 08533. Benchmark/Grade Level Expectancy: As students in grades 2-3 they will be able to demonstrate mature patterns in the fundamental manipulative skills: throw, catch, trap, roll, dribble, strike and volley. set.
3. A lot of times this is because of a lack of ideas for how to use them. You might have them hike up the bleacher stairs, climb a rope, crawl through a cave made from tables, or perform an exercise such as jumping jacks or sit-ups. Relays work well for kids of any age. The scooters provide a change from the usual walking or running. Shop by Learning Environment . How to Play Scooter Hockey Stick with Hand Shield - Middle School, Blue. US Games Soft Foam Scooter Hockey Set . Published February 21, 2012. A great addition to all scooter hockey games. When Teaching Games and Sports A number of traditional games can be played while riding on a scooter. Scooter connectors; Cones; In this activity, students get in pairs and sit on two scooters that are attached together (or a two person scooter). .2021 World Inline Hockey [] Do you like it? Scooter tag: Grades 1 & 2. Cosom Scooter Board Plastic Hockey Set and Knee Hockey Set for Kids, Carpet Hockey, Hockey on Wheels, Physical Education Equipment, with 12 Short Handled Plastic Sticks, 1 Ball, 1 Puck.

Tough, plastic Shield hockey blades are combined with our patented hand shield to protect hands from errant pucks, balls and other scooter boards. Add + Wishlist + Compare; 4 choices + X . The students will be shown a scooter, scooter hockey stick and a puck. Students are in pairs in the middle of the gym. Caterpillar Lines of six scooters. contact us:. These super-sized scooters will have you flying farther and faster through these 12 awesome activities. These include: Soccer Speedball Floor hockey Handball The basic rules for scooters are: 1. 1 offer from $56.60. How to play: Each student gets a yarn ball, dice, and a hockey stick (I suggest using soft hockey sticks for K-2nd grade and plastic hockey sticks for 3rd-5th grade). Bean Bag tag: Grades 3 & 4. Set contains 6 red and 6 yellow sticks, a 6" foam ball Great for beginners! Franklin Sports NHL Team Licensed Soft Sport Hockey Set.

Pairs Figure Skating - The first two students hold hands or hook elbows and travel side by side across the gym and back with their feet placed on paper plates for skates. Scooter Hockey Study Guide . Add + Wishlist + Compare; View as: Grid List.

1 || Spider Web Crawl. Set up a group of bowling pins 20-30 feet past the release line. Softee Scooter Hockey Sticks. Maximum Grade Level: Middle School Procedures: A. $178.99 set. Designed for indoor PE and gym class, this Rainbow Scooter Set is sure to get all your kiddos up and moving around! When caught, the single scooter joins the line to chase others. The students will perform warm-up exercises that will prepare their bodies for Scooter Hockey. It worked like this: I made a sign that said scooter town and taped it to a cone set up in the front of the room. I establish a scooter color that is it. A great addition to all scooter hockey games. Shield Scooter Hockey Stick w/Hand Shield . Complete with convenient $24.99. 5.0 out of 5 stars. Remaining linked, the line attempts to encircle fleeing, single seated scooters. Plastic Scooters promote balance, strength and creativity in a fun recreational activity. This means, for example: No standing on the scooters. It doesnt matter what sport or activity you play, if its with scooter boards, students absolutely love it! You can try scooter basketball, soccer, hockey, and football. As long as you have enough scooter boards for everyone in class, all of these activities are possible. I require them to be on their knees or sitting so that hands dont get run over. Move in unison. $34.99. 609-758-6800 x 1401 Fax 609-758-5683. Scooter Hockey: Students are split into two teams and play scooter hockey, or they can improvise their own safe game if there are not enough students present. Students are to flip over their scooters at the end of the time so the scooters will be still. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Each team will send six players on the field or court for them. Soft & Safe Scooter Hockey Set, Scooters, Non-threatening set gets everyone playing! If you get tagged by a tagger you must switch scooters and become a new tagger. Add to Cart. Transition to a chase and catch game. Shield Scooter Hockey Stick w/Hand Shield . No votes yet. Meant to be used with scooters, this hockey set includes 12 short plastic hockey sticks, as well as one foam ball and two plastic pucks. Log in or register to rate this video. Middle School Size #876. with #896 replacement blade. Add + Wishlist + Compare; 4 choices + X . The defense will place one player in the goalie box to defend the goal. Plastic scooter Non-marring plastic swivel casters 12" x 12" or 16" x 16" Assorted Blue and Yellow. $86.09 $64.57 Free Shipping Eligible: Details School Specialty Shipping Policy balls and other scooter boards. See the FlagHouse catalog for 4.8 out of 5 stars. 2. Line up two rows of 3-4 chairs with 4-6 feet between the rows. + Lesson Planet: Curated OER Winter Olympics in the Gym For Teachers 3rd - 5th Final Trials & Camps 2021 Artistic Skating, Inline Hockey & Scooter. Questions or Feedback? Great for hundreds of indoor games such as scooter hockey, racing games and many more to develop strength and coordination. Add + Wishlist + Compare; 3 choices + X . Activity #2-Sideline Scooter Hockey Objective: Pass the ring back and forth at least 3 times to your teams sideline players while three team members are playing a game of scooter hockey in between the two sideline teams. Play scooter hockey, or create a scooter train! US Games Soft Foam Scooter Hockey Set . Scooter board activities offer a fun way to help strengthen a childs arms, legs, hands, and core muscles. Rules of the activity are enforced. set. Fax: 1-800-489-6256. 1.