3. The program creates and maintains supportive and safe learning environments. All four approaches provide youth with the necessary tools to help cope with conflict.

Roles & Process presenters will assign steps, scenarios (and mentalities, if time permits) which are in your folders. In this situation, the peer review system normally involves the peer group reviewing the documentation and rendering a decision.

Workplace Disputes such as workers compensation, harassment, wrongful termination, discrimination, etc.

Public Disputes such as land-use and environmental Explain the ground rules 7.

3 Peer Mediation Activities for StudentsThursday, March, 24, 2011. While peer mediation is designed to resolve conflicts, its best practice to not use it with problems tied to bullying. 3. academics, or lead to violence. Student A borrows Student B's favorite pencil and loses it. Thursday, March, 24, 2011. Mike and Tom have been assigned to work on a science project. This research study definitely calls for an interactive qualitative method. 104 THE AQS O PEER MEDIATION ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Peer Mediation Script 1 Welcome Welcome to Peer Mediation! Each mediator shakes hands with each disputant.

One of the main goals of Athena Mediation is to help children understand how to resolve conflicts as early as 9 or 10 years of age through Peer Mediation Training.. Civil Mediation is what you would think about engaging in for many personal circumstances where there is an unresolvable dispute.

Ask questi ons 3. This elementary school training manual is based on the School Mediation Program developed originally by Good Shepherd Neighborhood House to train students in grades 6 through 12 in conflict resolution and violence prevention through peer mediation. The First Joint Session 1. A set of notes to support the teacher when leading a peer mediation session. Godzilla Style- 3rdGrade.

By incorporating peer mediation onto a campus, schools are preparing students for real-life scenarios, teaching them valuable skills that will transcend into many parts of their life, and giving them the power to solve problems. Analysis will attempt to determine issues concerning peer mediation.

Describe mediati on 3.

Students are selected and trained as mediators who can help their peers resolve everyday disputes before they escalate into something serious. In peer mediation, a trained youth acts as neutral mediator helping parties in conflict to understand the root causes of their dispute and to ultimately agree on a plan for resolving the conflict. Peer Mediation Scenarios. Results support the need for more

A lesson challenges scholars to prove their understanding of conflict mediation. These training exercises--in which two people act as if they are in conflict while two trainees mediate the simulated conflict--are the heart of any peer mediation training. Storytelling and Gathering Points of View 3. The following are ten possible scenarios: 1. Discussion questions.

Explain con denti ality 6.

This guide provides both a systematic process for training students and practical implementation tips. Naturally, some ways are better than others.

These four conflict resolution strategies include peer mediation, process curriculum, peaceable classrooms, and peaceable schools. Non-violent, constructive, co-operative, WIN/WIN solutions to a problem are negotiated. Small groups role-play scenarios using two mediators and two disputants. Role-plays are good for you.

Mediation for Kids, Grades 4-8.


Summarize 4. Conflict Mediation Part 2: Practice. Peer mediation is an approach that has been used in schools in the US and UK to help to manage conflicts and disagreements.

Students observe a role play peer mediation scenario and then create their own role plays to demonstrate learned skills.

3. Mediation has become a very common practice for legal and social disputes of every shape and size. +. Each of us takes our turn at being a mediator trying to resolve a situation between two disputants. It is a wonderful program to have at any school, any grade. Lesson Planet: Curated OER. Ask for soluti ons 5. This study does not support that peer mediation programs can be effective at changing core beliefs about aggression but does demonstrate children who participate in mediation are less likely to act on these aggressive beliefs in future conflict situations. 2 Cool Off Ask if the two disputants have cooled off. Peer mediation programs benet both the students who use the mediation process to resolve their conicts and the students who participate in the program as peer mediators. 1.

This leads to increased feelings of animosity and hostility. SAMPLE ROLE-PLAYS FOR MEDIATION (Assume all conflicts can turn into fights.) All seem uptight.

Rather than an adult serving as the mediator, the mediation It provides for a wonderful alternative to lengthy and expensive court proceedings.

Terms: Stipulate: When attorneys for opposing parties agree to accept some statement as true, such that the matter need not be further discussed or demonstrated. Welcome parti es 2.

4. Each individual mediation consists of six distinct stages: 1. PO Box 8055 Symonds Street, Auckland 1010 New Zealand. If issues arise during a game, they can work together calming to solve the problem and continue playing MITs will write information into this workbook as well as onto the Mediation Journal as directed. Students observe a role play peer mediation scenario and then create their own role plays to demonstrate learned skills.

Agree to Mediate 2.

air disputesidentify the strengths and weaknesses of their caseunderstand that accepting less than expected is the hallmark of a fair settlement, andagree on a satisfactory solution.

The first is that it helps to create an atmosphere where peers can interact and resolve their conflicts.

Create a Peer Mediation role-play using 1 of 11 ideas (7 pages)AND fill-in-the-blank Peer Mediation 9-page script; How to conduct a Peer Mediation program in your school; Peer Mediation Step-by-Step Process; Peer Mediation Contract (Free PDF Download) Hypothetical Mediation Scenario

Describe your role 4. A peer mediation program is an effective way for schools to decrease violence and empower students to better deal with the difficult situations they experience at school, and later as members of society. This lesson describes what peer mediation is and how a program can be set up in a classroom, a school, or a school district. Y 10. Peer-mediated instruction and interventions (PMII)or any instruction or intervention implemented with another child without disabilitiescan be applied in a variety of different ways. In typical punishment scenarios, either one party gets punished while the other doesnt, or both parties get punished regardless. Peer mediation models give students the tools they need to resolve conflicts on their own.

In class we created scenarios and learned what it was like to be a peer mediator by acting out the scenarios we created. Complete with realistic mediation scenarios. A set of notes to support the teacher when leading a peer mediation session. Rather than involving just a teacher or therapist and the child, PMII involves one or more peers who take on a role in the teaching.

conflict scenarios after participation in mediation.

Peer Mediation is a program that provides students the opportunity to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner by trained peer mediator students. Peers observe then discuss their findings. These put participants in hypothetical situations and challenge them to deliberate and make decisions in new and different ways. Julie thinks Alice is using up too much space in the locker they share.

Participants will be selected based on their involvement with the peer mediation program.

Mediation for Kids offers a step-by-step, practical guide to getting peer mediation up and running in grades four through middle school.

Extending the program to the younger grades gives an earlier opportunity to use peer mediation to encourage students to

A worksheet outlines groups' +. You can use these, improvise on them, create your own.

An effective peer mediation program can be a valuable tool for schools in their eort to minimize conicts and support positive behavior in students.

The Introducti on 1.

An optional role This method often addresses issues of a non-statutory nature, such as unfairness.

Mike says he is doing all the work but Tom says Mike is too bossy. Phone: +64 9 373 2379 *Terms & Conditions Legacy Website . Overview of Mediation Steps A. McLean Stein Mediation, LLC 68 South Main Street 7th Floor Salt Lake City, UT 84101 Phone 1: (801) 456-4199 Phone 2: (801) 403-5223 Meggan coordinated a Peer Mediation Program in collaboration with Horizonte Learning and Training Center.


The peer mediation program used at South Bay Junior Academy empowers students by teaching them skills and processes to resolve conflict peacefully. Mediation for Kids offers a step-by-step, practical guide to getting peer mediation up and running in grades four through middle school. Another type of ADR is called the ombudsman system .

Play a Game Playing games with peers involves learning to get along and figuring out rules together.

The following hypothetical is intended to serve as an example of a conflict which is resolved through mediation.

Common Mediation Scenarios Scenario #1 A misunderstanding has developed between Taylor, a new employee, and Morgan, her co-worker. College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University DigitalCommons@CSB/SJU Peace Studies Student Work Peace Studies 4-24-2013 Peer Mediation in United States High Schools

For Teachers 9th - 12th. Scenario: After the mediators greet the family and try to put them at ease, [1] they verify that the parents [2] would like the twins to participate in the mediation. What is the first step in peer mediation? There are 6 steps to a formal mediation; 1) introductory remarks, 2) statement of the problem by the parties, 3) information gathering time, 4) identification of the problems, 5) bargaining and generating options, and 6) reaching an agreement. The mediator will wait until both parties are present and The benefits of peer mediation are multiple. The following are some of the most common scenarios involving mediation: Contract Disputes Peer Mediation Family Issues such as separation, divorce, premarital agreements, alimony, etc.

Another type of situation where the benefits of peer mediation are most evident is when students are at risk of drug use. When They watch and discuss a video, identify the guidelines of mediation from the video, identify conflicts they have been involved in, and role-play a dispute using the mediation process.

The success of this method rests on the careful selection of peer mediators based on their exemplary communication skills and abilities. The Western Justice Center Peer Mediation Invitational is an annual event and an opportunity to increase and deepen nonviolence and conflict resolution training for students who serve as peer mediators on their campuses. During the invitational, students from all over Los Angeles County participate in demonstration sessions where they take on the role of disputing parties as well as

Results indicated that adult teaching and peer mediation of skills, paired with reinforcement for skill use and student monitoring, increased initiations and social interaction time with peers during intervention, as well as use of the targeted social skills. Little difference was noted between self- and peer-monitoring strategies. TheMediationProcess a) Preparation b) OpeningStatement" Hopewecanworkthisout" Confidentialandvoluntary Complete with realistic mediation scenarios. Formal peer mediation approaches provide training for chosen individuals (the peer mediators) to help them to intervene in disagreements and support the participants to reach an agreement. Ask for their stories 2. So later at lunch, George wouldnt let Winston play four-square with him. All sit down at the mediation table. The power of mediation can help in all walks of life. Educators can work with their local school district to determine which approach to use for the best results. Loneliness and Making Connections KS2 PowerPoint.

Internal peer mediation. The Situation:George was building a tower out of blocks when a new kid, Winston, knocked it over. The goal of peer mediation is to create situations where everybody wins and one party doesnt feel as if they got unfairly penalized.

More than 200 role-play simulations are available through the Program on Negotiation Clearinghouse.

The teacher is responsible for implementing a Peer Mediator Program at a school with a New Arrivals Program. How to Initiate Mediation. The party or the parties wishing to initiate mediation under the Mediation Rules shall submit a Request for Mediation to the FAI. The Request for Mediation shall contain the following information: (a) the names and contact details of the parties and of their counsel, if any; (b) a copy of the mediation agreement under Their conflict revolves around expectations for their roles in the office and their differences regarding personal habits.

If they have not, suggest that they take a deep breath, take a short walk or count to 10. Great scenarios to role-play include resolving conflict with a bully, fixing a friendship after a fight, or getting along with a sibling. This guide provides both a systematic process for training students and practical implementation tips. Individuals learn how to use conflict scenarios as an opportunity to build positive relationships with others. The best peer mediation role plays situations are those already familiar to the students. Peer mediation is a voluntary process in which a student trained as a neutral third or ask the children to come up with conflicts rea made up.

Scenario 1: Ten students are available for in-depth interviews. Arbitration and mediation case participants and FINRA neutrals can view case information and submit documents through this Dispute Resolution Portal. Go over the steps 5. High schoolers examine the process of peer mediation. In high schools across the country, conflicts are being resolved by fellow students rather than by a teacher, principal or other member of the school administration. II.

Student A pushes in front of Student B while (s)he is waiting to drink from the water fountain.

Friendship and What it Means PowerPoint.

They will be observed over three weeks. Context of use.


Some organizations call on designated employees as mediators to help resolve conflict.

Scenario Flashcards.

For Teachers 4th Standards.

The mediators note that the son sits next to the Mom and the daughter sits next to the Dad. 2.

This activity is ideal for teaching conflict resolution skills and for recruiting students for your peer mediation program!

Answer questi ons B.

Peer Mediation Reflective Essay Conflicts happen and there are many ways that those conflicts can be handled. Mediation room" Badges" Publicity" Presentation forclasses" Videotaping ` "Referrals(adm4nistrators, teachers,students; counsellors)" Conflictintervention: yourchoice "MediatbnTrainingforTeenagers" LynMarx,HelenaCarnelius, SonyaHal! In the scenario, this is Ms. Brown.